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Description of the business


Condor Gold PLC is a UK based, AIM and TSX-listed mineral exploration and development company focused on developing and futher proving a large commercial reserve on its 100% owned La India Gold Project in Nicaragua. In August 2018 Condor received an environmental permit for the development, construction and operation of a processing plant with a capacity of up to 2,800 tonnes per day and associated min site infrasctructure at La India. 



Application of and compliance with Corporate Governance Code


Please click here for a description of how the Company applies and is in compliance with its corporate governance code.



Company Director's and Biographies


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Responsibilities of the Board of Directors


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Committees of the Board of Directors and Their Responsibilities

Audit Committee


The Audit Committee comprises Mr J Mellon (non-executive director), Ms K Harcourt (non-executive director) and Mr A Cheatle (non-executive director).  

The chief financial officer and a representative of the external auditors are normally invited to attend meetings. Other directors or staff may be invited to attend, as considered beneficial by the committee.

The Audit Committee's primary responsibilities are to review the effectiveness of the company's systems of internal control; to review with the external auditors the nature and scope of their audit and the results of the audit; and to evaluate and select external auditors. To see the Charter of The Audit Committee, click here.


Remuneration Committee


The Remuneration Committee plans to meet at least twice in each year. Its members are Mr J Mellon(non-executive director) and Mr A Cheatle (non-executive director) .

The company's policy is to remunerate senior executives fairly in such a manner as to facilitate the recruitment, retention and motivation of staff. The Remuneration Committee agrees with the Board, a framework for the remuneration of the chairman, the executive directors and the senior management of the company.

The principal objective of the committee is to ensure that members of the executive management of the company are provided incentives to encourage enhanced performance and are, in a fair and responsible manner, rewarded for their individual contributions to the success of the company. Non-executive fees are considered and agreed by the Board as a whole



Country of Incorporation and Main Country of Operation


The company is registered in England and Wales, having been incorporated on 10th October 2005 under the UK Companies Act 1985 with registered number 5587987 and the name Condor Resources Limited.

The company re-registered as a public limited company, PLC, on 7th April 2006 under the name Condor Resources PLC. The company changed their name to Condor Gold plc on 29th June 2012

The company has three subsidiaries, Condor SA, La India Gold SA &  La India Inversiones, S.A.  operating in Nicaragua, where technical/field operations take place.

The company's administration headquarters are in the UK.

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

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Current Constitutional Documents


Please click here for Condor's constitutional document.

Please click here for Condor's certificate of name change and resolution



Trading of securities


The company's shares were successfully admitted to trading on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange on 31st May 2006 (trading symbol "CNR"). On 15th January 2018 the company shares were also listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with trading symbol COG.

Condor's securities are also traded on the Börse-Berlin Stock Exchange (trading symbol "W5XA") further to an application made by Tradegate AG.  




AIM Securities in Issue and Holdings of Significant Shareholders


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Restrictions on the Transfer of Shares


There are currently no restrictions on the transfer of shares.



Company Reports


Please click here for Condor's latest Annual Report 

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RNS Announcements


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AIM Admission Document


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Corporate Governance 
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The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. 

Condor's Key Advisers


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VAT Registered - 152511150

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