Health & Safety

Condor has developed a culture of safety in all operational activity. Employees and contractors are trained, encouraged and expected to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, and challenged to achieve the highest international standards. The International Finance Corporate (“IFC”), the investment arm of the World Bank, is an 7.5% shareholder in Condor Gold plc. The Company is committed to adhere to the IFC performance standards with regards to its Health and Safety Policy, a copy of which is on the Company’s website

Our philosophy is based on the fact that "Safety is Everyone's Responsibility". Every employee has a duty of care to assure their own and their co-workers safety. That duty obliges employees to not only follow the health and safety procedures established by the company to avoid work injuries and accidents at the workplace, but to participate in constantly assessing and improving the procedures.

At Condor nothing is more valuable than the protection of human health, safety and the welfare of our employees and host communities. Condor has developed and implemented a health and safety policy, and an operative plan that includes special training for emergency response teams, periodic risk evaluations and emergency simulations. A voluntary Joint Commission of representatives from all work areas has been established to constantly evaluate the workplace, identify safety improvements and maintain a strong safety-aware work culture.