Condor Gold is committed to developing good relations based on respect, trust and honesty with the host communities. To achieve this strong bonds have been created with local and national stakeholders where the Company operates.  

As part of this commitment, Condor Gold has established mechanisms to ensure fluent communication with its stakeholders. The Company believes that an honest dialogue with the local communities can only happen by disclosing information and reporting all activities. Condor Gold has opened an information office and started a programme of systematic meetings with key stakeholders and with the community in general in order to communicate the exploration, environmental and social activities, to discuss and answer any community concerns, and to receive and record stakeholder feedback.

The Company is convinced that the best way to achieve social development is through alliances. Condor Gold as another citizen works together with the community, local government and interested organisations in all of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives. As part of our policy of transparency and involvement Condor Gold has formed a Committee in partnership with community leaders to select and prioritize a programme of Company-funded community projects. The current focus is on Education, Health and on one of the main concerns in the area, supply of Potable Water.